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Other Scourers

Scouring sponge

Product number: 51201   Quantity: 1 pc

A sponge-pad with a special surface to clean up obstinate stains.

Scrubbing pad

Product number: 51102   Quantity: 5 pcs

Scrubbing pads of excellent quality in economy-size pack.

Scrubbing pad “Extra”

Product number: 51195   Quantity: 3 pcs

Premium quality scrubbing pads to clean up obstinate stains.

Plastic mesh scouring pad

Product number: 51133   Quantity: 3 pcs

A product made of plastic, for a thorough cleaning of the more delicate surfaces.

Barbecue grill scrubbing pad

Product number: 51157   Quantity: 1 pc

Large sized, thick, extra strong scrubbing pad to clean up the most obstinate stains. Do not use on delicate surfaces.

Grill Ceaner

Product number: 51300   Quantity: 2 pcs

Extremely strong scourer that removes the most stubborn dirt. Use for cleaning of barbecue grills and other non-delicate surfaces (eg. Garden tools).