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About Us

Why you should choose our products and services...

Quadrotex Kft. (Quadrotex Ltd) has been founded in 1993 with the objective of manufacturing products for housewives, with the help of which domestic chores can be performed quicker and easier. By today our company has become the leading manufacturer of cleaning products in eastern Central Europe. Our assortment of products includes by today the complete arsenal of cleaning products, beginning with scrub sponges and wiping cloths through to floor mops. Our assortment of products is developing steadily. It is produced by modern manufacturing lines using the most up-to-date materials. Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to satisfy special, individual requirements along with the serial production, be they extraordinary materials, extreme sizes or even inscription on the product. A considerable part of our capacity is dedicated to the manufacturing of private label brands. Relating to this we can assist our partners with the choosing of materials, with the product’s designing and also with devising the packaging.

Why you should choose us?

  • Extremely wide range of products, according to individual needs
  • Outstanding high-quality products, excellent materials and modern production technologies
  • Fair, competitive prices, special discount opportunities
  • Flexible manufacturing and delivery deadlines

Trustworthiness of our company is prooved by the following

In our swiftly developing world – where cleanliness is more and more in demand – Quadrotex is your partner in finding the appropriate solutions when it comes to traditional cleaning utensils or the most state-of-the-art, innovative products.

Modern production technology

Competitiveness of our company is provided by modern equipment and a high degree of automation. Year after year we make significant investments in order to preserve our advantage in quality, flexibility and agility. From modern computer-controlled equipment to own manufacturing innovations all these serve the high quality level of the production.

Excellent raw materials

There is no compromise, we only work with the highest quality raw materials. Based on decades of experience we select the best raw materials in order to achieve the desired quality. We are connected with the industry leading suppliers. Thanks to the close cooperation we have access to all the latest developments and raw material of "Tomorrow" from the very first.

Organic products

By Our recent 'Bio product family' we implement the "back to nature" philosophy. We also make products from long-forgotten ingredients such as cornfiber, hemp fiber.

Enviromental Protection

We pay attention to environmental protection, every year more and more natural and recycled materials are used as raw material or packaging material. We aim to replace organic solvents, preference is given to water-based materials. We also operate selective waste management.

Social Responsibility

The Quadrotex Ltd. is committed to sustainable progression. It's not enough to be successful in business, but also need to take account of social problems. We aim to find the optimum balance between our employees, customers, suppliers between the different interests of society. We believe in long-term sustainability and value creation. We consider important that our employees should work in civilized conditions, convenient, optimal working environment as we believe that it is an important part to the success of our products. We support the European region to which we belong through business relationships. The raw materials we use come exclusively from the European Union. Our company focuses on products produced by national manufacturers, promoting the competitiveness of the Hungarian market, keeping jobs in Hungary! We believe in the principle of long-term sustainability and value creation, because we believe that today's needs define the future needs.

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