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Royal Product Family

Artikelnummer: 41110   Quantität: 2 Stk

Artikelnummer: 41059   Quantität: 1 Stk

Artikelnummer: 41073   Quantität: 1 Stk

Artikelnummer: 41066   Quantität: 1 Stk

Artikelnummer: 41042   Quantität: 4 Stk

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Artikelnummer: 41103   Quantität: 6 Stk

Royal Shine scratch-free cellulose sponge

Artikelnummer: 41127   Quantität: 2 Stk

100% natural cellulose sponge with extraordinary absorbing capability (absorb liquids upto 10-12 times the mass of the sponge). As the absorbed liquid is kept inside (no dripping), it is perfect for wiping. The special silver scrubbing surface does not scratch while effectively removes the dirt. Perfect for scratch-free cleaning of special sensitive surfaces such as teflon or other non-stick surfaces, glass, porcelain or ceramic stoves.